Drumroll please…!


Welcome to my ‘new and improved’ blog!

Thanks to the wonders of WordPress and their brilliant free templates, a great deal of the work was already done for me – all I had to do was choose the one that best fitted what I wanted this blog to look and feel like.

Of course before I could do that, I had to think of a name – which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

As you can see, I ended up with ‘101 Uses Of A Fork’ – no, it has nothing to do with forks (or their uses).  It feels ‘catchy’ though.  I decided to go for it as a wordpress.com address (101usesofafork.wordpress.com) and may even decide to buy a domain for it.  I’m not sure whether to go .me or .com yet – possibly the former.

I did try for quirkier names first.  Ones like ‘spaghettibrain’, ‘spaghettihead’ or ‘flibbertygibbert’.   All were taken unfortunately, although none of them have posted much – in fact 2 haven’t posted at all, they’ve just ‘grabbed and gone’… something that drove me potty yesterday as I trawled through my scrawled list of ideas.  I also liked ‘thereisnospoon’ (taken, but never posted – they set the page up in 2006) – hell I even tried ‘thereisnofork’! (you guessed it – taken – last posted 2009…)

Don’t get me wrong – I’m as guilty as the next would-be-blogger for irregular posting – case in point, I last posted on this blog’s previous incarnation back in October 2010 – but I hadn’t captured a clever address when I first set up my blog.  Mine was just a boring one based on what came into my head first.  I didn’t understand how it all could fit together back then.  I hasten to add that I do try a little harder on my other blog – ‘New York State of Mind’ (that’s under the web address of jacquiefinister.wordpress.com – the blog title-type address has long gone of course – one of the things on my blogging ‘to do’ list  is to think of a new one for that as well!)

So – 101 Uses For A Fork it is!

It’s still a little bit of a ‘work in progress’ – the banner will probably be replaced at some point in the near future (hey, it’s just a quick photo I took of my trusty old cooking fork – no copyright infringement, and even better , it’s free…!)  I can’t decide whether I need to keep the ‘fork’ theme or just go for something else!  I’m also getting used to the layout potential – think this has something called ‘Sticky Posts’ that I might have a play with!  (Just go with it… 🙂 )

Yes, I know I’ve said this before, but I’m going to write little and often for this blog.  It could be on anything and everything – sort of a combination of Twitter and Facebook-type content (it might even stop me inflicting my sometimes very long and confusing status updates on my Facebook friends – sorry guys!), mixed with some of my general observations, some photos and other bits and pieces from my day to day existence.  I’ll try to make it interesting, or funny, or insightful but promise nothing!

If you’d like to subscribe to my blog, just click the ‘Sign Me Up!’ button on the right hand side of the page under ‘Email Subscription’, that way you’ll get an email each time I post.


One Comment on “Drumroll please…!”

  1. jasdaw2010 says:

    so, get on and blog now “oh forky one”! Now thinking of “witticisms” like “life begins at forky”, “Ali Baba and the Forky thieves” – not to mention the inescapable “fat and forky”

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