I just can’t resist tinkering with this blog site… Widgets, Categories, Pages, Tags, Menus, Custom Menus… It calls to me…

Fiddling, ‘faffing’, tweaking, moving stuff around, trying to make it nice to navigate around – getting the look and feel right…I have all this ‘stuff’ in my head desperately trying to get out onto this ‘virtual paper’…

(I’m still working on ideas for the banner…)

Hey it’s early days…it’ll settle down soon…honest…well maybe…Ok I promise nothing.

In the meantime – you’ll be able to find things eventually – if they haven’t moved…again…

Enjoy the ride 🙂

All bloggers appreciate comments – good or bad – so please feel free to make a comment in the ‘Reply’ box below!


3 Comments on “Tinkering”

  1. Jayne Dawson says:

    I think the banner is great!

  2. Jayne Dawson says:

    Hi J – another comment – whilst you are tinkering you might want to do something about the ‘comment’ button. It’s not vey obvious. Or, if your design won’t let you move it, you could just point it out when you post.

    Forgot to say in my last comment that I’m really liking the new blog.

    • Thanks Jayne – glad you’re liking it 🙂

      Unfortunately the template forces it there… Will have a think re wording for pointing it out!

      Thanks for the feedback – always appreciated 🙂


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