Climbing back on the Primal wagon

To be totally honest, we sort of gently slid off the wagon starting late November last year, ably assisted by my birthday, a trip to New York early December, followed by Christmas, New Year and finally my sister’s birthday weekend last week.

Thinking about it, we didn’t so much as slip as sit on the edge of the tailgate bit at the back, holding on by our fingertips, getting jostled around and watching out for any particularly big potholes that could throw us off it completely.

Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t turn into bread, pasta and french fry guzzling monsters – more like discerning nibblers…

We had the occasional sandwich made from really good bread, I created the occasional great flatbread with nicely pre-prepared garlic bread, smothering them with hand torn serrano ham and buffalo mozzarella, and finishing them off with fresh basil.

While in New York, we ate amazing sweet potato fries at Five Napkin Burger not far from Times Square, which were a fantastic accompaniment to the bun-free lamb burgers and home made pickles, washed down with a great hand-crafted beer…or two.  (We may even have left the buns ON a burger or two during our stay)  We had English Muffins with our diner breakfasts, and if the hash potatoes on the side looked really good, we tried them.  We got a hot chocolate from Chocolate By The Bald Man stall at Bryant Park‘s Holiday Shops.

We enjoyed the christmas cakes I’d made with vastly reduced amounts of sugar and chestnut flour instead of the traditional wheat flour, that had been fed to bursting with Spanish brandy and various other spirits, partnered with pieces of wonderful, strong, mature British Cheddar cheese.  We ate a little more bitter-sweet (50-70% dark chocolate) than we normally would.  We occasionally had a dessert each, instead of sharing one when we ate out at our favourite restaurants and there may have been homemade Eton Mess (with raspberries instead of strawberries) on Christmas Eve…  We definitely  imbibed more than the ‘recommended daily amount’ of wonderful Cava’s,  rich, deep red wines and local micro-brewery ales.  And as for other homemade cakes…well, there was the Adventure in Carrot Cake Land which resulted in a very happy sister, brother-in-law and husband!

And you know what… I don’t regret any of it!   Yes I may have put on a few (ok…9) pounds and my jeans may be a little more snug around my tummy, but it was darned well worth it!.

So, it’s back sitting up front on the old Primal wagon, holding the reins firmly in my hands.  I tend to go with the ‘if I haven’t bought it I can’t eat it!’ approach, and I’m also giving the ‘if it’s not on the list, it doesn’t go in the trolley’ a shot to stop me from impulse buying!  (It also helps me plan meals in my head for the next 3-5 days so I get all the bits I need for them on the list 🙂 )  We’re also back to our half a litre of whole milk a week rather than the 4 pint containers – no more latte’s at home!!!

I do find certain things are ‘calling’ to me though…cake for one – homemade carrot cake specifically (can’t think why…yes I’m being sarcastic), and crisp toast made from wonderful dense artisan white bread… Oh and chocolate…still bittersweet of course, I can’t stand the candy bar type ones…preferably with nuts in it…

I will resist though…I will…I will…I will…!  (Oh and ‘move more’ of course…but one thing at a time!)


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