Note to Self

I think I need to sort out a few things if I’m going to keep blogging on a regular basis…at least for the posts that take me a while to craft (which is most of them at the moment!)

1.  Don’t sit in front of my laptop for 3-4 hours at a time – think of it like work…TAKE BREAKS!!!

2.  Be kind to my hands – I absolutely adore my MacBook Air (it’s the dinky-sized one), but I’ve just spent 3 hours on it trying really hard to be a responsible blogger and doing some research relating to some photographs I want to use in a post at my other blog – New York State of Mind.

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Image via Wikipedia

We took the photos in December at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where we had a fantastic time looking around their Nineteenth-Century, Modern, and Contemporary Art Collection.

There are 57 (count ’em – 57) different ‘electronic Galleries’ embedded in that one Collection on their website, and I opened every single one and their image galleries – several times in some cases when I found that I hadn’t written something down well enough – to try find the specific piece of art, get the names of artists and the work’s title.  All so I can credit their work wherever possible when I embed the photo’s in my post.   (To be honest, I couldn’t find some so have had to cross reference the Gallery number…).

Using my laptop’s albeit wonderfully designed trackpad for this task, rather than the larger Magic Pad sitting in our office, has made my hands ACHE.  In fact, let’s be specific here – my wrists and fingers are a tad…creaky…oh yeah – and COLD but that’s just my RSI and all the typing…(Don’t get me started on my elbow joints! Ouch!).  I’m really glad the keyboard is full sized!

3.  Don’t try write for long periods in one of our armchairs – actually use the desk we have in the office !  Oh and try remember to have some semblance of good posture – at the moment I look (and feel) like the Hunchback of Notre Dame…along with a crick in my neck and and a rather sore coccyx (ouch!)

4.  Don’t keep frowning at the screen – the wind will change and it’ll stay like that… (just caught myself doing it…)

5.  Decide which dratted browser I’m going to use and stick with it during a session – I keep accidentally closing browser sessions that have info / links open I still need….ARRRGHHHHH!!!! (Ok – the using of different browsers isn’t always a choice – Safari is driving me mad so I’m using Google Chrome as a fallback – I don’t like it enough to make it my default browser, so links open up in Safari when I click on them…)

So bearing these things in mind, I’m going to gently lift myself out of this chair, go make a hot drink to wrap my stiff, aching hands around and try rotate my wrists, neck and shoulders without it crunching TOO much…and maybe take some pain relief tablets…yeah – that sounds like a plan to me!

All bloggers appreciate comments – good or bad – so please feel free to make a comment in the ‘Reply’ box below!


2 Comments on “Note to Self”

  1. jasdaw2010 says:

    and THAT is why I sit upright at the table/desk when online and not in my chair!! Not sure you should think of blogging as “work” though 🙂

  2. LediaR says:

    Thank you for following my blog, Exploration Art. I look forward to reading your blog posts as well. May you have a very happy Year of the Water Dragon, Jacquie.

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