‘Toast, My Old Nemesis…’

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Along with great dark chocolate ice cream, toast is one of the few things that still calls to me since we changed our diet.

Not just any toast – good toast made from slices hand cut from a loaf that’s been made by true baker, not mass produced in a factory, square shaped and tasteless – ‘plastic’ bread.

Granary…sourdough…good rustic white…I really don’t mind which…

Toasted to perfection – crisp on the outside and around the edges of the crust but with that comforting, warm chewiness of freshly baked bread in the middle…

Covered in golden butter (salted of course)…none of this ‘spread’ in its many manipulated, chemically-enhanced and / or ‘reduced fat’ guises.

Yup – ‘good toast’.

And this morning, I decided to have some for breakfast at one of our favourite independent coffee house haunts.

It was absolutely wonderful – it ticked all my ‘good toast’ boxes.  I enjoyed every mouthful – I even had seconds…

And I can say it will be a while before I have any again, because as I sit here typing this, I have the beginnings of indigestion – a rare occurrence these days, mainly linked to when I eat wheat.   I just don’t handle it well – even less so when it’s present in its wholegrain form as it is in granary bread – which of course was what I had this morning!

Having said that, that’s what risk v reward is all about isn’t it – the risk of adverse side-effects was worth the reward of the enjoyment gained by eating it…it’s just the ‘risk’ turned into an ‘issue’ – the combination of granary bread plus seconds may just have tipped the scales on THAT one LOL!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go dig out our old antacids…. 🙂

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2 Comments on “‘Toast, My Old Nemesis…’”

  1. jasdaw2010 says:

    thanks so much for describing tempting a food I am avoiding in such mind boggling, stomach stimulating, mouth watering detail!!! 🙂

  2. LediaR says:

    Yummy and cute!

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