‘We Interrupt Our Usual Programming…’

I’ve found it really hard this week to write anything on my blogs.  A mixture of apathy and illness have left me feeling sorry for myself in general.

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There’s a pretty nasty little bug going around at the moment and I’ve got it (again) – sinus infection / chest infection – both have left me pretty much a sleep deprived, unsociable and unpleasantly noisy gunk monster (I know…too much information…).

Cough mixture , menthol lozenges and paracetamol are my bosom pals.  I’m even attempting to sleep propped upright (my last resort when it’s bad like this), but that just means what little sleep I get (almost free of feeling like I’ve got an elephant sat on my chest pricking my lungs with a very sharp knitting needle), isn’t exactly ‘quality’.

This is the third time it’s visited since December – the dratted thing thinks I’m an hotel!  (No matter what anyone says about ‘h’s’ being treated like vowels and needing an ‘an’ rather than an ‘a’ before them, that just looks so wrong!).  My immune system is usually pretty hardy, but this one is punching through my defences…I blame it on having my appendix out last October… Grrrrr…..!  Even my poor husband has almost gotten to the end of his tether with my  cough-cough-coughing through the night.  I think it might be getting a little bit better though – just a little…

As for the apathy, I’m getting a bit jaded on the old job-searching front.  I’ve been applying for work since last August and I’m just not getting anywhere.  (I had my first interview since September yesterday and didn’t make it through to the second round 😦  )  I realise it’s going to be hard at the moment – we’re (just about) in a recession and lots of great candidates are applying for the same jobs, but it’s still disheartening.  Having said that, I will of course continue to apply and hope for the occasional interview, which may in turn become a job offer…

On the plus side (my big Sister has recently nicknamed me ‘Pollyanna’…) I have a wonderful husband, good family and friends and a great home, and relative good health – it’s only a cold I’ve got after all – all of which are helping me keep my balance and my perspective.

So in the meatime, I’ll continue to try and coax out my muse and hopefully ‘normal service’ will be resumed shortly.

All bloggers appreciate comments – good or bad – so please feel free to make a comment in the ‘Reply’ box below!


One Comment on “‘We Interrupt Our Usual Programming…’”

  1. denise says:

    Polyanna!!!!! xx

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