‘Bad Blog Host…Bad!’

I’ve just been doing my daily browse around WordPress blogs.   As part of my daily routine, I go and visit those bloggers that have either clicked ‘Like’ or commented on specific post, or bless their cotton socks, have chosen to ‘Follow’ me.   I always like to read the ‘About’ page of these folks  – it helps me try work out how I might have managed to pique their interest, or see where we might have similar backgrounds or interests.

I’ve noticed something a little embarrassing on my part though – there’s a bit of a pattern to the comments other bloggers have left them on these pages which makes me realise I’m a TERRIBLE blog host!

Comments along the lines of “Hi xxxx, thank you for following my blog / liking my post” or “I found you!  Thanks for stopping by!  Looking forwards to reading your posts!”

Whilst I always try to reply to folks who post comments (I’m not THAT rude – well not always…),  I’ve never gone and posted a comment on the relevant pages of those bloggers who have indicated they liked a post, or have decided to have my meandering diatribe delivered to their inbox each time I post.

On reflection though, I’ve never been the well-mannered party guest that remembers to write a little note to say ‘thanks for inviting me – I had a lovely time’, or sends a thank-you card after recieving a gift.  I always think it, am very likely to say something verbally, or use the much maligned Facebook.

I forget blogs aren’t a verbal / face to face medium (although they certainly feel it sometimes), and that entire set of audible / visible / face-to-face  type communication tools aren’t in play here.

And being very, very honest with myself (and you of course), I’m unlikely to start replying to everyone who clicks ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ – I’m just too undisciplined – not unappreciative, just…well…lazy.

So, to all those lovely people who have taken any kind of ‘positive action’ after visiting my blog – commented or clicked ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’,  or who may do so in the future (hey, I’m trying to cover all the bases here….), I’d like to say a big ‘Thank You’!

thank you card - pink on orange

Thank You! (Photo credit: artnoose)

It’s really, really appreciated – I’m just a very lazy, BAD blog host.

I’m very likely to increase your number of site hits though after ‘finding’ you from your visit to my blog and having a good old root around your posts and pages, and some of you may have already noticed I’ve decided to follow your blogs 🙂

See you around the Blogosphere!


All bloggers appreciate comments – good or bad – so please feel free to make a comment in the ‘Reply’ box below!


13 Comments on “‘Bad Blog Host…Bad!’”

  1. I laughed at this. Honest 😀 I was a bit surprised to see I had appeared on your ‘blogs I follow’ list. Of course, if you visit my blog and read my blogs I visit (a page) you will probably see you aren’t on there (I think the ghastly phrase is, work in progress), but there again, I did follow you first, I think.

    I like the about stuff too. When I first started blogging I didn’t write much about me at all, I liked being anonymous, but five years on and you think what the hell, and write a bit up and – horrors – even post middle aged photos 😀

    I did write something on my Clouds blog (my ranty one), link on sidebar of roughseas, called why comment, why bother, which covers pretty much similar issues, from a different perspective. Oh and when I finally get around to writing about paleo, it will go on there, but I’ll let you know anyway.

    And – I do like to browse through other people’s blogrolls, so you aren’t wasting your time updating it 🙂

  2. Hiya

    I’ve just read that post 🙂

    I’m not getting many hits at the moment (and am ok about that – I think…) so the volume of comments I’m getting on either blog’s very low – it also means I haven’t had any along the lines of ‘don’t be a tosser’ or indeed any that have needed me to not approve them – apart from Spam of course which Askimet is doing a grand job of trapping!

    I’d kept one of the moderation settings in place but to be honest, unless it’s spam that Askimet fails miserably on, I’m incredibly unlikely to block it – in fact I may turn it off, because like you, I actually want my blog to stimulate discussion or just give folks somewhere to share their thoughts (I’m terrible at commenting on some posts and those comments just being a way of sharing similar experiences – not really contributing anything world-shattering, just saying…something…to show I’ve heard what they’ve said…)

    I must admit – I tend to rely on the ‘Like’ button as a way of showing I was there, I read something that I truly did like, or maybe not necessarily ‘liked’ but thought was a good post… I might have to start commenting a little bit more…. 🙂

    And as for anonymous…well there are occasions I do wonder whether I should have made my blogs a little less ‘traceable’ – well, this one maybe – but I think I’m now most definitely in the ‘what the hell’ camp – I think Gloria Gaynor had it right…

    “I am what I am
    And what I am needs no excuses
    I deal my own deck
    Sometimes the ace, sometimes the deuces

    There’s one life and there’s no return and no deposit
    One life so it’s time to open up your closet
    Life’s not worth a dam
    Till you can say, hey world, I am what I am”

    As always – thanks for the comment 🙂 Now get writing that dratted Paleo post!!! 😉


    • I really should spell check before posting – especially when pasting from somewhere else!

    • I have!!! Written it I mean. Mainly through reading yours and it reminded me I have been threatening it for ages. Of course, what I said today didn’t mirror what I thought X months ago, but that’s bloglife.

      What other blog????!!

      Like does encourage laziness – but is it better than nothing if you have nowt to say? I think so.

      Traceable is interesting. I’ll send you a mail on that one I think 😉

      • It’s called New York State of Mind – the link’s on my About – Me page, and in my (albeit incorrectly named in this instance) ‘Blogs I Follow’ list 🙂 I’d put a link in here but can’t quite get my head around how to do it replying this way 🙂 (http://newyorkmind.wordpress.com)

        Off to read your post now 🙂


    • Even though it’s a trackback or a pingback (whatever they are…not quite sure yet…) and not really a comment, I’ve read the post it lead me to 🙂 (I actually thought it was spam because of the tag line LOL)

      Will take not of my old PE school reports and ‘try harder’ 🙂


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  4. sophie king says:

    You’ve just subscribed to my blog and through clicking to your blog to have a look at my new follower, I read this. I am exactly the same, don’t think I’ve ever thanked anybody for allowing me to fill their inbox with words.
    So here I am saying thank you to you. Thank you for subscribing to my posts and thanks for reminding me to be thankful for my readers =)

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  6. Great post – glad I wandered around and found this one!

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