Crikey! The Versatile Blogger Award…!

Well, there I was last Friday,  reading through posts from blogs I subscribe to when blow me down!  What did I see but the name of my blog in the list of blogs nominated by Joes Primal Scream!  Thanks Joe!  (By the way Joe, the first two words of my reply were written whilst I was in shock 🙂 )

A feeling of mild panic set in shortly after.

There are a few rules that go with receiving the reward, two of which are that I’m to:

  • nominate up to 15 blogs that I’ve recently found or follow, picking ‘blogs or bloggers that are excellent’ – ok, that’s relatively easy – I’ve found (and in quite a few cases, am now following) some brilliant blogs over the past few weeks!
  • tell the person who nominated me (and obviously anyone who reads this post) 7 things about myself that they don’t already know from my blog. The one that caused the mild panic…

(If you want to know anymore about it, here’s a link to The Versatile Blogger Award site).

Arrrghhhh!!!! Seven….?????

So, with my trusty blog ideas notebook within easy reach for when inspiration struck, I sat down and desperately tried to think of humorous things to tell you about me – well things you might find funny anyway – ready for when I put my post together on Monday.   After several glasses of cava and eventually hearing my bed calling to me, I’d only managed to write down two, neither of which are remotely funny (sigh).  It’s now Monday and I’m desperately trying to think of the other five…

Ok Jacquie, don’t panic…Let’s do the ‘easy’ one first! The nominations!

There are a couple of caveats here.   The first of which is that I’ve tried to choose blogs that haven’t been nominated already (which means ‘awarded’ by the way – if these were the Oscars, it would take DAYS to listen to all those acceptance speeches!).  That proved a bit of a guessing game though, as when I shamelessly rummaged around the Blogosphere for inspiration from other bloggers that’d had to write their ‘acceptance speech’, not all of them looked to have put the badge on their site!   The second is that I’ve no way really of knowing if the recipient actually likes (or wants) these types of award.  Personally, I’m feel very honoured having someone put the name my blog and the word ‘award’ in the same thought and then write it into their award post!  Not everyone else seems to like them though, thinking of them as a form of chain-mail award.  If I’ve nominated you and you think of them in that way, please try take it in the spirit it’s given – me, showing my appreciation of your blog –  your effort, your creativity and your wordcraft.

Right – here we are then – the blogs/bloggers I to whom I pass on the Versatile Blogger Award!

Yes, I know there are only 14.  I have a lot more that I follow /like, but they already had the award.

Ahhhh sod it – I’m putting them in here as well – they’re great sites!

Now the hard part (gulp)!

7 things about me…that I haven’t spilled the beans on already…hmmm….

  1. I’ve got a ‘big bike’ (motorbike) licence.  My last bike was a 650cc BMW GS (mine was silver).  We sold our bikes a few years back, as they made great (expensive) ornaments in the garage…
  2. I love cava but can’t drink champagne – I get the headache from HELL in a matter of minutes after drinking even a small amount of champagne, but thankfully have no problems with cava 🙂   Then again, if cava is made from more modern grapes – especially Chardonnay – instead of the classic, traditional varieties of Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel·lo I also get vile hangovers!  Maybe it’s the combination of the chardonnay grape and bubbles.  I don’t like Chardonnay, so I don’t really know whether it would give me a hangover without the bubbles…
  3. I hate ironing – with a passion – except square or rectangular things…like napkins, or pillowcases, or quilt covers, or tablecloths – which I find very therapeutic.  Go figure!
  4. As much as I dream about owning a small apartment in Manhattan or El Born in Barcelona, I actually love where we live – Leeds – a relatively small city in Yorkshire, England.   I’ve lived in Leeds my entire life – apart from six months before we were married, when I moved to take a job in Preston, Lancashire.  Even now, when people try to place my accent, they ask if I’m from Lancashire – which is just about the WORST thing you can say to a Yorkshire Lass 🙂
  5. I never regret choosing cats instead of children.  Seriously.  Never.
  6. My beliefs are more along Pagan lines, rather than those contained in other ‘religions’.
  7. As much as I try to not to, even knowing it stunted my emotional and spiritual ‘growth’ in my younger days, and at times, has impacted on my enjoyment of life,  I fret far too much over what people (who don’t even come close to ‘knowing me’), think of me.   Maybe it’s just my ‘life-lesson’ this time around 🙂  As I get older though, I definitely think I’m getting better at not letting it get under my skin – at coming to terms with who and what I am – and thinking – awww to Hell with it – everyone’s entitled to their own opinion – it doesn’t mean I have to believe it.

So there you go. That’s my acceptance speech!

Thanks again Joe  🙂

Right – I’m off to put the badge on my site 😉


(Cue Jacquie doing Snoopy’s Happy Dance into the distance…)

All bloggers appreciate comments – good or bad – so please feel free to make a comment in the ‘Reply’ box below!


9 Comments on “Crikey! The Versatile Blogger Award…!”

  1. AiXeLsyD13 says:

    Congratulations, & thanks for the nod!

  2. Kathy says:

    Congratulations on your award!

    And thank you for passing it along to Lake Superior Spirit. What a sweet & versatile gift! **grin** (I have been nominated before but–so far–haven’t played along–but may, you never know.) I do appreciate it a lot.

    I had to follow your link to “cava”. I think I would like some now, although it’s a little early in the afternoon.

  3. Aww what the heck – go for it! 😉



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