Meet Tess – My Trusty Typhoon Trolley!

This is Tess, my Trusty Typhoon Trolley (bag on wheels)!

Tess is a the newest member of my ‘move more’ campaign team, working alongside ‘Morty Marvellous Merrell’ (walking shoes), my longest-serving member and an absolute trooper – especially when it comes to pounding the streets in New York,  and ‘Greta Gorgeous Gore-Tex’ (jacket).  Greta joined the team last year when I lost enough weight to need a new coat, and my old one no longer repelled water…as I found out last April in New York when I got SOAKED.

"Tess...Everyone - Everyone...Tess"

I found Tess on a great UK website called ‘Shopping Trolleys Direct‘ – they have some great discounts on there!

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ll have seen that I’m doing more of my food shopping locally, via our wonderful markets here in Leeds, which usually means carrying around 10-15lbs of various cuts of meats and fresh vegetables.  This isn’t great for my elbows, wrists, hips or lower back, which end up shrieking in pain at me, but rather than being deterred by this, I thought I’d invest in a bag on wheels!  It still gets to my elbow a bit (as does pull-along luggage when we go on holiday…) but it’s definitely more manageable, especially if I adjust the tension in / angle of the joint!

It arrived last week and as I ran out of milk and eggs, I decided that today I’d christened it by going for a brisk walk to a small village called Gildersome, not far from where we live.  I know that sounds romantic – it’s even pretty around the ‘village green’ and cenotaph, but ‘village’ might be stretching it – the people who live there hang on to the descriptor like grim death though and it certainly helps folks sell their houses there!

I’m terrible at judging distances.  I downloaded an app for my Android phone called ‘Map My Walk‘ a while back as it had been suggested by friends of ours, but hadn’t used it until today.  (Come to think about it, that was quite a while ago, as had it for my iPhone before that, and I changed handsets back in December…!)  Due to my brains currently dribbling out of my ears, I didn’t start it recording right on the outward journey, but luckily had a bit of a nosey at it before setting off back home – at which point I noticed the big, green ‘play’ type button on screen which I’d so obviously missed at the start…doh!

Green button now pressed and recording, I started back home.  It was cold and wet going, but coming back it’d brightened up and all the birds were singing their little hearts out…  I even had a little spring in my step! 🙂

Once through the door, I eagerly looked at the data…

0.86 miles…??? Is that ALL….!!!  (I’d thought it was around a mile – mile and a half in one direction…)  It’d only taken me 17 minutes though, nearly 3 miles per hour, which was a fairly brisk pace for me.

So, 1.72 miles later, Tess is christened, I’m relatively pleased about motivating myself giving myself a sizeable kick up the bum to actually go out for a walk, and am actually thinking of taking a jaunt into our local town centre next week.  (Morley, not Leeds…. one is about twice as far away as Gildersome and a lot hillier yomp – the other is SIX MILES away according to the car…)  No, I’m not procrastinating – well not THAT much – I stuff on the rest of today, tomorrow and Friday – honest…!

I don’t even care that I got the odd strange look from a couple of ‘younger’ folks…Tess looks ace and works a treat!  She’s even coming along with us to Barcelona for when we do our market shopping each day – folds flat and is incredibly light!  I also remind myself that they have become VERY trendy in Paris 😉

You never know…Mike and I might walk into Leeds one nice Spring or Summer Saturday!  Hell, I might even do it by myself one pleasant-weather weekday if I’m STILL looking for work (and bored enough…)!  It’ll definitely be one way though!  Downhill on the way there…one very VERY long hill on the way back – around 3 miles all uphill…(shudder)!   A friend did it a few times last year, and I still think she’s potty 🙂

And best of all – it gave me a fairly decent idea for this week’s post – which I must admit I’d been struggling with 🙂

‘Win win’!

All bloggers appreciate comments – good or bad – so please feel free to make a comment in the ‘Reply’ box below!


3 Comments on “Meet Tess – My Trusty Typhoon Trolley!”

  1. I know I really ought to invest in one as they are far more sensible than carrying heavy shopping bags – but I can’t get over the granny image 😦

    In Spain, there is a spritely woman who lives in the next village between us and the Big Town (not as big as Leeds, probably more on a par with Morley – except it’s on the Med), and she absolutely legs it into town, come rain or shine, at a ferocious pace. We used to walk it with rucksacks but since we rescued some bikes from the skip we cycle for shopping now (walk in Gib).

    • Thanks for the comment as always! 🙂

      I know what you mean re the ‘image’ – I’m ready for more than a few ‘double-takes’ when I use it in Leeds, especially when I go in my local independent coffee place with it… (all really ‘trendy’ guys LOL)

      I have to be careful not to put too much weight in backpacks – I can carry ALOT in one without really noticing it – until I put my shoulder out… (ouch!)

      No-one even blinks at it in Barca of course – all ages use them – don’t think we’re quite there yet LOL. Markets are just so embedded in the culture / daily life there though – and they’re all walked to and from of course, pretty much every day due to the incredibly small living spaces in the city…

      Don’t think I’ll ever do anything at a ferocious pace ROFL

  2. alijayd says:

    Hey who are you calling potty??? – Ha ha ha 🙂

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