So Much To Do…So Little Time…!

Well I’ve pretty much failed miserably at keeping up to my blog this past week or so…

I’m caught between feeling a little guilty at not meeting my Post A Week challenge and keeping my ‘followers’ engaged, and not having a great deal of time to craft a ‘good’ post…So this one comes with a built-in apology and warning – this post is potentially quite boring and only proves that I’m just like every other working woman, I’ve got a lot to fit in each week to keep the wheels on wagon!

I started a new contract on Tuesday (wahoo!) which has obviously tossed my ‘lots of free time on my hands’ schedule out of the window…I find I now have very little free time and need to create a new schedule! 🙂

Before ‘normality’ returned, each weekday morning I’d sit with a coffee at the dining table with the windows open, listening to the birds whilst browsing around WordPress, reading posts in my Inbox or seeing what’d been posted with Tags that interested me.

My weekday ‘chores’ schedule used to look like this:

  • Monday – laundry
  • Tuesday – nothing specifically – anything that caught my eye (‘wash windows’ type of things).  Maybe write a post for my New York blog.
  • Wednesday – research / write my blog post if nothing had caught my imagination earlier in the week and I’d posted already, or if something was itching to be said, publish another.
  • Thursday – food shopping – supermarkets & market
  • Friday – vacuuming & ironing
There’d be a few days where I’d choose to cook a meal that took a few hours from ‘prep to table’, something I never got chance to do when working.
Oh, and let’s not forget the panic-inducing, frustration-building, despondency-creating, joy-sucking task of checking the job boards and chasing agencies several times a day, unable to find work…

“All Change”

My day starts pretty much as it has done for the past few months, as I was getting up with Mike and taking him to work most of the time.  It bears no resemblance after that!

I’m at my desk for around 8am and I’m not a big one for taking breaks – including lunch – so apart from getting a hot drink or taking a comfort break, I pretty much work through.  The first week has seen me able to leave earlier than ‘normal’ but that’ll ease off soon.  Either I’ll have the car and will go collect Mike or Mike’ll have the car and come and collect me – either way we’ll be getting home around 6 – 6.30pm, then moglet chores, then cooking tea.  We’ll be eating a good couple of hours later than we were when I was a lady of leisure, maybe around 8pm, closely followed by some downtime for our brains – either reading, catching up on some of our favourite TV shows that have stacked up (we hate having to watch the commercials, much preferring to fast forward through them 🙂 ), or going on the ‘net.  I’m not a night-bird so I’m normally in bed before 11pm.

So, here’s what I need to factor in to my ‘new’ free-time schedule :

  • Food shopping (supermarkets after work, market at the weekend)
  • Cleaning – even just the basics.  It’s easy keeping up to the kitchen each day, but that pesky vacuuming just won’t go away…cat fur gets EVERYWHERE…it peeks out from under the furniture and taunts me…
  • Laundry – including the dreaded ironing..
  • Meal planning/ Cooking – things that don’t take too much time on weekdays, but are good for lunches or even ‘leftover meals’ for the next evening.  If leftovers won’t exist and we don’t have any cold cuts in, this might include cooking something like tortilla for our lunch.  I can normally skip breakfast and lunch fairly comfortably especially if I have a latte during the day, but with main meals around 8pm that’s just a bit too long…  It’d be too easy to graze on something when I get home which’ll ruin my appetite for dinner as well as being just plain dumb!)
  • Blog Stuff – Surfing around the Blogosphere, keeping up to reading all those lovely new posts on blogs I follow – boy can time fly past doing THAT! And oh yes…writing my weekly blog post…!
  • And let’s not forget – MOVE MORE!

None of this is particularly different from when I last worked – apart from the blog bit (and the move more…), but until I get a new routine plotted out – a timetable almost or a daily standard to-do list – I’m going to constantly feel like I’ve got too much to do and not enough time…and that’s not a pleasant feeling!

So, as I sit in the garden writing this post with the first batch of washing hanging on the line and the second almost at the end of its washing cycle, I’ll bid my halcyon (yeah…right!) days a fond farewell, and finish on one thing I do know – I need to practice short and sweet posts that don’t succeed in putting  my audience to sleep 😉

All bloggers appreciate comments – good or bad – so please feel free to make a comment in the ‘Reply’ box below!


2 Comments on “So Much To Do…So Little Time…!”

  1. Congrats on the new contract. Shame about the lost personal time, but money has to be earned 😦

    Hope you don’t disappear off the blogosphere.

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