Percy Thrower Eat Your Heart Out…!

My list of things to do since going back to work is growing…

Not the daily chores type list – well sort of I suppose, as these things have a cause and effect relationship…

Such as the fact that I need to go the garden centre to get our bedding plants.  We have a courtyard type garden – no grass, just nice paving which suits us fine – we had grass when we first moved in and hated mowing…  Spring hadn’t quite ‘sprung’ that last month I was off – in fact it ‘exploded’ after I found I’d got an interview – typical huh! 🙂

We’ve got a nice mature-ish raised bed which doesn’t really need anything more in there – apart from maybe a planter or two with some nice colourful annuals in them – as a contrast to all the evergreen Euonymus’s (is it like the plural of Hippopotamus – Euonymii…?).

The main raised bed - very tolerant of limited sunshine! Just starting to wake up...

The bluebells are coming up very nicely in there – lots of lovely green foliage above ground, waiting for the lovely blue flowers to push up through the middle – and the peony has started going berserk.  Every year it goes from this totally insane set of bare twigs to a gorgeous cascade of large leaves and rich pink flowers, full of gorgeous heady rose-like scent.  (I don’t actually like the smell of roses, but these peonies are lovely!)

Peony blossom from last summer - gorgeous!

There’s a couple of insane poppy plants in that bed as well.  Each year the biggest one manages to produce nearly 20 flowers of enormous proportions – the bees go absolutely crazy in them, loading their ‘baskets’ so heavily I’m amazed they manage to take off again!

Greedy Bee!

I’ve currently got around 15 pots of various sizes  though that would benefit from some plants in them.  Once they’re planted up again, they’ll be scattered around to help fill the garden with colour again.

Mike in the Spring sunshine

Mike in the garden last weekend - not the biggest space or the sunniest place to be past 1pm but we love it!

When I started preparing the pots, I think the biggest surprise was that some of what I thought were dead plants from last year actually weren’t!  We’d had a variety of fuchsia plants and they’d grown very nicely, but pretty much died off totally over the winter.  I was pretty shocked to see new shoots on the dead twigs residing in the pots, so I’ve decided to leave them alone and see if they’ll come back.  I know fuchsia’s are meant to be perennial, but these certainly didn’t look like that was an option a couple of months ago!  We shall see anyway!

Last year’s lavenders are coming back bit by bit as well.  I’ve never had much luck at keeping them more than their first year – they usually ended up a shrivelled brown mess, ending up in the compost bin, but the mild winter has certainly given them a chance to have a go at getting a bit more established this year.  I do have one particularly stubborn one I bought several years though, which has fought its way through each Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter,  making me unprepared to give up on it despite how tatty it looks each Spring, instead telling myself  I’ll give it a bit longer before deciding otherwise.   I’ve been downright negligent with it as well – it’s still in a relatively tiny pot, not even its soil has been ‘freshened up’.   True to form though (it’s cousin, the rosemary plant is a scrubland plant in the Mediterranean after all), it’s hung in there each year and right now is looking the best it has in years!  Definitely ‘rugged and Mediterranean’… (ok – scrawny), but it’s certainly got gumption!  I won’t give up on it until it does!

So, a trip to the garden centre looks on the cards!  Nothing expensive this year – definitely cheap and cheerful I think!  Maybe lots of petunias – they’ve a lovely scent, lots of great colours and they’re pretty tolerant of neglect…! – maybe some more herbs this year (my poor oregano and majorams….bless!)  Maybe some more lavenders – it’s great seeing the bees climbing all over the blossoms!

Hopefully, it’ll look as great this year as it has in previous  years 🙂

Part of the garden in bloom

Fingers crossed for another colourful Spring & Summer!


2 Comments on “Percy Thrower Eat Your Heart Out…!”

  1. alijayd says:

    Garden looking fab.. There’s a strange chap sitting in it though!!

    • ROFL 🙂 It’s really nice sitting in the ‘new bit’ – birds are getting a bit miffed though as it’s where their feeders hang. Having a think about where to relocate them to 🙂

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