Barcelona Street Art…

Some may call it ‘graffiti’ or ‘tagging’ or maybe even an eye-sore, but we found some of the art work on the shop shutters eye-catching, striking, funny, beautiful and in some cases pretty stunning…

Here are some we stumbled upon on our trip in April…and we’ll keep our eyes open for more…


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8 Comments on “Barcelona Street Art…”

  1. mamasmorningcup says:

    So cool, I love street art.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I love the woman leaning out of the window which is one of the more formal ones you see that are commissioned and the one of the person with the glasses which looks like an ‘impulse’ one. We’ve noticed more and more of the formal over the years – possibly to try discourage the ‘impulse’ graffiti…?

      • mamasmorningcup says:

        That’s a pretty good idea actually. Cities should be paying graffiti artists to paint the cities rather than trying to arrest them.

  2. LediaR says:

    I would also call this art.

  3. I love Barcelona and have many happy memories from there, it’s a great city. My fav of the pictures would have to be the second one…just beautiful.

    It’s most definitely art and, from your photos, looks like it’s mostly on shutters – if you own the shutter, why shouldn’t you decorate it?! It’s an extension of the building!

    • Hiya – yep it’s on the shutters, and makes a welcome change from the more ugly’graffiti’hurriedly applied over the top of random posters and generally looking messy… ‘Shutter art’ is starting to take off where we live here in Leeds, England and is a great way of promoting the business hidden by the unfortunately more and more necessary security shutters.

      • I’ve only ever been to Leeds once (I used to live in Nottingham) but, from what I remember, the place sorely needed some brightening up (not that I’m dissing your home city of course – it had its lovely points!). It’s a great idea.

  4. The Hobbler says:

    You might already know, but I’m just going through my list of followers, so…

    As one of my followers, I would like to invite you to the dark side…my slightly more intense blog: Hope to see you there!

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