Best Laid Plans…

Firstly,  apologies to anyone who finds what I write interesting enough to read on a regular basis and has noticed my absence…I’ve been preoccupied.  The days are flying by at an alarming rate and when I look back, I don’t seem to be doing very much with them – apart from working – which is a good thing and something I’m immensely grateful for.  I guess it’s just all part of getting back into the rhythm of things again.

It’s strange how quickly my focus and priorities have changed around again…I’d previously started filling my days with grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, washing and ironing – that kind of stuff (and writing of course!) – whereas my days are once again filled with the job (which is coming along fine – a steep learning curve as with anything new, but I’m getting there…), and evenings are trying to fit in grocery shopping and making our main meal, as well as ‘decompressing’  before going to bed.   Cleaning has definitely taken a back seat – the vacuuming only gets done when it’s REALLY irritating me (and as I look at the carpet in front of me, that may be soon…), and laundry when we start to run out of key things – both are shameful I know, but hey…

Weekends (which start Friday afternoon whenever possible) are designated “chill-out” time with a couple of aims / objectives – no alarms in the morning, maybe getting to our favourite butchers in Leeds Market on Saturday morning, lazy breakfast on Sunday, and weather permitting, the house opened up for the moglets to come and go as they please and lots of windows open to hear the birds and the wind-chimes in the garden, and air out the house.

Unfortunately though, the grocery shopping isn’t really getting done down the week, we’re either just too brain dead or simply can’t face it, which means our Saturdays are being used for that instead of doing something a bit more energetic or “outdoorsy”…  and the laundry ‘situation’ usually means the washing gets done on Sunday mornings… Next thing we know it’s Sunday evening…  I think my ‘home-life’ school report would say something like ‘must try harder’…

Another thing I must try and ‘schedule’ is writing for my blog posts, and I definitely must start jotting down the odd musings / thoughts that come out of nowhere, or random observations as and when they come to me, as I’m sadly lacking in interesting things to write about (this post is case-in-point)…unlike some of my more prolific blog-mates 🙂

So, my new ‘daily-life-plan’ goals (also known as ‘get-my-finger-out’ or Nike (Just Do It) ) to be completed each week (NOT left until the precious weekends) are: –

– Get that grocery supermarket shopping done!

– Throw a load in the washing machine (and switch it on) at least one evening ….

– Write a blog-post that might actually get a decent number of ‘hits’!

– Make two of the evening meals big enough to cover two days – then it’s less to do on those evenings when the laundry, or supermarket shopping, or an attempt at creative writing is being done…!

You never know, we might actually be in a frame of mind to do something a bit more energetic on one of our much ‘freer’ weekends 🙂 Hmmm….What’s that other saying…oh yes… ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions…’  A girl’s gotta try though!

Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

(Oh – by the way – thought I’d use this Zemanta thingymajig that suggests related articles… some of the snippets seemed to resonate so here you go 🙂 )


2 Comments on “Best Laid Plans…”

  1. Thought you were kidnapped in Barcelona!

    I was amazingly productive when I went to work – and, totally zapped at the weekend, and than was ten years ago. Work takes its toll and everyone needs the money.

    Given the difference in our diets (!) I would have thought yours would take less time than mine, but it’s so long since I ate meat that I can’t really advise on that one. I just used to come in, chuck flour and yeast in bowl and food in cooker. Wait for both to appear. Sort of.

    The ironing piled up and up. Still does. A wash goes on every day.

    Know you aren’t alone in the domestic stakes, and great to hear the job is working out.

    • Hiya – I can’t believe we were there 4 weeks ago… It’s truly all been a blur!

      Evening moglet chores + food prep + cooking is about 1 1/2 hours end to end minimum (all that veggie prep takes a chunk of time 🙂 grilling of meat is relatively quick – 20-30 mins for pork chops/grilled chicken etc for example + ‘resting’ time 🙂 but if making something that’s got carrot and swede mash – make that at least 30 mins for the veggies – once they come to the boil – darn those root veggies even when chopped up small…!!! And if I cook some kind of chilli or savoury mince that can take up to an hour end to end… When it gets a bit warmer will move to salads that take very little time – just the meat cooking time really 🙂 I don’t want to bulk make and freeze – they just don’t taste the same…and long gone are the days of throwing some pasta in a pan of hot water and serving it with a quick fresh tomato sauce 🙂 Our fall back for a nice ‘quick tea’ is tapas – cold meats, cheese, artichokes, tomatoes etc – lovely!

      I truly hate ironing shirts…and when I leave them to stack up that’s a nice hour – hour and a half gone – ‘poof’ – and I never learn…I always leave them! 🙂

      I think if we had more predictable weather I’d wash overnight and hang out before work, but it’s likely to come in wetter than it went out especially at the moment – fingers crossed for a stable late spring / summer 😉

      It does seem a universal truth re domestic chores and home / work life balance doesn’t it – same the world over! We sure muddle through though 🙂

      Thanks for the comment – nice to know you missed me 😉 I know where to point the ransom demands at if the situation ever comes up LOL

      Take care 🙂


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