Our First Springsteen Gig…!

So, last Friday, Mike and I went to our first Bruce Springsteen concert at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester – home of Manchester City FC.

We’d decided to spend the day pottering around Manchester prior to the concert – we’d not been there for years and thought it would be good idea but ended up very VERY wet – it absolutely threw it down ALL DAY. ¬† The only time we got remotely close to dry was when we went to a great Spanish restaurant called Evuna on Deansgate…but I digress.

Our friends – Mike and Jayne – are HUGE Springsteen fans – definite ‘Tramps’… Jayne has a weekly blog ‘I’d Rather Be At A Springsteen Gig’ that’s definitely worth checking out.

Hardcore ‘Tramps’ waiting for The Boss ūüôā

They’ve seen him in places all over the world – New York, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona…usually at back to back concerts in the same location and even then, feel like they could have gone to just one more gig or heard one more song…you get the idea ūüôā ¬†When the new tour dates came out, and Manchester was on the list, they suggested our going to see him with them.

Thanks to Mike and Jayne we’ve been able to listen to quite a few of his albums¬†most recently Wrecking Ball. ¬† Now to be honest, I wasn’t that keen on Wrecking Ball. ¬†My first couple of listens to ‘We Take Care of Our Own’ irritated me actually, and my first full Read the rest of this entry »

Oy! WordPress…WTF???

Ok – I’m seriously unhappy with WordPress.com… ūüė¶

For more than 3 days now I haven’t been able to navigate to posts published by blogs I follow by any of the ‘reader’ functionality/links on the WordPress.com site either via the Banner linked tabs across the top or by hovering over the ‘W’ icon in the top left of the page – in fact NONE of the sub-menu options under Reader goes anywhere – at all…. ¬†Hubby can’t see all the blogs he follows either (he sees one – ¬†which is one more than I do….but that’s it) ¬†I’ve happily been using Chrome for a while without a problem….! ¬†What on EARTH is going on?????

Oh, and I can only get one and half pages of Freshly Pressed – the ‘earlier’ button does absolutely sod all…nada…nix. ¬†Has my account got corrupted? ¬† He can load a second half-full page of more FP’s but then half’s empty like mine ¬†– but his ‘earlier’ button works…reloading half a page…

Maybe this explain why my blog’s not getting many new hits / new visitors – or are my posts just plain boring? ¬†(Not sure I want an answer to that one actually…)

So right now guys, unless I get an email from your blog when you post, (and to be honest I turned several off a month or so ago, just trusting I could go to the Reader whenever I had time rather than my mailbox getting inundated…) I can’t get read your posts which is a real bummer! ¬†¬†Getting quite pee’d off now…

WordPress – please get your act together and sort this out – you may well have put some new stuff out there that appears to be setting the blogging world on fire, but get the basics working again will you please – or I just may have to go to another blogging host…

Or is it just me? ¬†Is anyone else having problems with this? ¬†I’ve tweeted several times to @wordpressdotcom and getting no response – from them or anyone who follows them… Looks like I might have to email Support about it…joy…trying to describe THAT should be interesting…via email…back and forth… (sigh)


Nespresso v Gaggia

We like coffee – in fact we love coffee.

My perfect mornings start with a good strong latte.    Meanderings around our local town centre usually end up with a great coffee or two in one or two of our splendid independent coffee bars.  Our favourite cities are full of even more favourite coffee-based haunts.

Coffee officionados out there will probably laugh uproariously at us, but we also love Nespresso machines.

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Tempus Fugit…

The days are passing at an alarming rate, rapidly multiplying into weeks, and then months.

It’s hard to remember what day it is let alone what the actual date is… and having just glanced at the date in the top right hand corner of my MacBook – crikey! it’s the 10th of June! ¬† A few weeks ago I found myself wondering how far away Easter was and then remembered that it’d been and gone…first May Bank Holiday / second May Bank Holiday / Jubilee Holiday – both gone. ¬†I see posters for things on at the theatre pasted to walls around the city centre and find myself thinking ‘oooh that might be interesting’ only to realise that they were on weeks or even months ago – they’d just not been pasted over with something new yet.

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