Tempus Fugit…

The days are passing at an alarming rate, rapidly multiplying into weeks, and then months.

It’s hard to remember what day it is let alone what the actual date is… and having just glanced at the date in the top right hand corner of my MacBook – crikey! it’s the 10th of June!   A few weeks ago I found myself wondering how far away Easter was and then remembered that it’d been and gone…first May Bank Holiday / second May Bank Holiday / Jubilee Holiday – both gone.  I see posters for things on at the theatre pasted to walls around the city centre and find myself thinking ‘oooh that might be interesting’ only to realise that they were on weeks or even months ago – they’d just not been pasted over with something new yet.

I find myself making a real effort to not ‘look forwards’ to things in the future – not in the sense of preventing any sense of anticipation of enjoyment from an event, but more along the lines of not wishing the events to be sooner – arrive any quicker… (If they arrive any quicker I’ll completely miss them!)

Another side to all of this, is that my home-oriented to do lists don’t get much crossed off them – before I actually get around to doing something I have on it,  the day it was on the list for’s just about come to a close – or it’s far enough along or I’m just too tired to face completing an item on it – oh and add to that I’m the Queen of Procrastination…

Like right now, I’m putting off doing the stack of ironing on the premise  (okay okay…excuse) that I really need to write a post – well at least something positive’s coming out of that piece of procrastination I suppose…!

During the week, I have around three ‘free’ hours on an evening between making/eating our evening meal (and clearing up) and my head hitting the pillow…three hours to watch something we’ve recorded on a previous evening, maybe read a little, listen to some music, do a few Sudoku puzzles, or browse the ‘net a little…

And the precious weekends – Saturday’s spent doing supermarket / market shopping, maybe having a browse around the city centre, dropping in to a few of our favourite independent coffee shops… and Sunday ahhhh Sunday – lazy Sunday…well lazy apart from the occasional piles of ironing and catching up with the week’s washing and the vacuuming if that’s reached the limit of its procrastinatability  (yes I know that’s not a real word 🙂 ) – but that’s not today thank goodness!

So on that note, I’m signing off folks…the ironing keeps looking at me…

Well,  maybe a cuppa first…and a quick browse around the ‘net…

Have a good Sunday everyone 🙂


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