Well, ‘Us’ really – this may be my blog, but there’s more to me than… well… just me!

I’ve been married to Mikey since August ’87 (crikey – it’s our Silver Wedding Anniversary in 2012 – that has SO flown!)

We live with a menagerie of rescued moglets (cats) – all of which are totally potty in their own unique ways!  I’ve put a page together so you can meet the current members 🙂

Along with another sizeable portion of the western world, we’re trying to lose a little weight, get a little fitter and generally be healthier all round.  I’ve created a page called ‘Primal Stuff’ that gives you a bit more on our approach to the whole ‘Primal’ / ‘Paleo’ thing.  I’ll try post now and again about our continuing Primal journey.

We also love Barcelona and New York – in fact I have another blog,  ‘New York State of Mind, where I tend to wax lyrical about our visits to the Big Apple.

So, pull up a chair, rest a while and I hope you enjoy sharing some of my musings, moanings or just plain meanderings!


3 Comments on “Me”

  1. LediaR says:

    Hi Jacquie! Thank you for following my blog, “Mysterious Japan”. Hope you enjoy all future and present posts. I look forward to reading your posts as well. Have a very Happy Year of the Water Dragon!

  2. Ah, Just realised why I never visited the other one. I’ve never visited NY, now if it had been a Barcelona blog …..

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