Here are the moggies!  The mainly white one and the fluffy ginger one are Sky and Autumn – brother and sister, the one showing her bits to the world is Poppy, the cream and beige one is Polly, Copper is the one with the patch over her eye (‘arrrghhh’ – her nickname is Copper the Pirate Cat!), and the one on the back of the chair is Thomas – our occasional live-in semi-feral.

UPDATE – Sadly, in 2013 Sky lost her fight with lung cancer and Poppy succumbed to chronic heart failure.  They crossed over the Rainbow Bridge where they will have been greeted with much purring, head nudges and face washing by Bonnie, Clyde and Rosie.  They are all missed every single day.

The sketches kept me occupied for an hour or so a few months back – it’s been a long time since I sketched anything!