A couple of years ago, we adopted a ‘Primal’ way of eating.  This involves cutting out wheat, oats, rice, white potatoes, starchy veggies and pulses whenever we can, and eating lots of great meat, fish, non-starchy veggies, berries & fruits and fats – yes fats – no skimmed milk or low fat / non fat products in THIS house!.

When I bake I use ground flaxseeds, almond flour and chestnut flour (I’m about to branch out into coconut flour as well!) instead of gluten-based or ‘gluten-free’ brands. If a recipe calls for sugar and I don’t want to substitute it with honey or maple syrup, I take the quantities down by about two thirds and use unrefined sugars- I don’t use artificial sweeteners in any shape or form.

And as for chocolate – we go for the good stuff – absolute minimum is 50% cocoa solids!

Our main approach is the ’80/20′ principle – we’re not perfect and we try to cut ourselves some slack now and again.  Our trips to New York and Barcelona may well have the eating of some bread in there.  Meals out may involve the occasional shared dessert.  Hot days may well involve the eating of ice cream.  And yes, we may well have the occasional beer from our local microbrewery 🙂  Matt Madiero of Three New Leaves has a great post on this subject / approach.

All in all it’s an way of being we continue to aspire to – we think we’ve got the eating part pretty much as our way of life now – we just need to keep trying to motivate ourselves to do the ‘move more’ bit and get more Primal in our approach to exercise!   We treated ourselves to new bicycles late in the Summer of 2011 and we’re going to try and get some miles under our wheels.

Here are some of my ‘go-to’ sites when it comes to information about a Primal lifestyle.

Marks Daily Apple – Mark’s site is very comprehensive.  He’s published a book called ‘The Primal Blueprint’ as well as a couple of companion cookery books.  He’s also got a brilliant on-line community.

Three New Leaves – I find this one especially good and down to earth as Matt keeps it really simple and very ‘human’ (we’re NOT perfect).