Tempus Fugit…

The days are passing at an alarming rate, rapidly multiplying into weeks, and then months.

It’s hard to remember what day it is let alone what the actual date is… and having just glanced at the date in the top right hand corner of my MacBook – crikey! it’s the 10th of June!   A few weeks ago I found myself wondering how far away Easter was and then remembered that it’d been and gone…first May Bank Holiday / second May Bank Holiday / Jubilee Holiday – both gone.  I see posters for things on at the theatre pasted to walls around the city centre and find myself thinking ‘oooh that might be interesting’ only to realise that they were on weeks or even months ago – they’d just not been pasted over with something new yet.

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Percy Thrower Eat Your Heart Out…!

My list of things to do since going back to work is growing…

Not the daily chores type list – well sort of I suppose, as these things have a cause and effect relationship…

Such as the fact that I need to go the garden centre to get our bedding plants.  We have a courtyard type garden – no grass, just nice paving which suits us fine – we had grass when we first moved in and hated mowing…  Spring hadn’t quite ‘sprung’ that last month I was off – in fact it ‘exploded’ after I found I’d got an interview – typical huh! 🙂

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So Much To Do…So Little Time…!

Well I’ve pretty much failed miserably at keeping up to my blog this past week or so…

I’m caught between feeling a little guilty at not meeting my Post A Week challenge and keeping my ‘followers’ engaged, and not having a great deal of time to craft a ‘good’ post…So this one comes with a built-in apology and warning – this post is potentially quite boring and only proves that I’m just like every other working woman, I’ve got a lot to fit in each week to keep the wheels on wagon!

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Life, The Universe And Everything…

The alarm went off at 7am.  We’ve recently moved it forwards half an hour to let Mike get a bit more sleep.

It was a bad night.  My chest and throat are STILL playing up – even after two months.  I’d gone to bed early as I was absolutely wiped out, but hadn’t been able to settle – I’d laid down and got one of those dratted tickles and tightness in my chest that started me off cough, cough, coughing until I was truly hacking away just as Mike came to bed.  I toyed with getting up but was just too tired, instead I laid there and concentrated really hard on stopping the coughing reflex…  I eventually managed to get to sleep for a few hours, and then waking.  It felt around 2.30-3am – my usual time for rising out of my only period of deep sleep but as always I checked the time on my phone.  I take it to bed with me as our morning alarm is on it – with windchimes ready to gently wake us…  Much better than an awful radio station.  I turn off all the bits that might make a noise or distract me with flashing lights though so it’s just a clock.

10.18pm?  It certainly didn’t feel like 10.18pm… Mike came to bed around that time and I knew I’d had some sleep since then.   I took it Read the rest of this entry »

Economising – Not Compromising (Well Almost…)

Over the past six months we’ve been looking at reducing our food shopping bill.  I’ve been out of work since July last year and as our ‘Rainy Day’ pot gets smaller and I’m no nearer to finding a new job, I’ve been tightening the purse strings without compromising on eating ‘clean’.

One of the biggest challenges of a ‘Primal’ diet is that it sure does increase your food bill – ‘cheap & filling’ meals full of pasta, or rice, or jacket potatoes, or based on bread just aren’t an option.  That ‘kick-ass salad’ full of wonderful things like avocado, peppers, tasty tomatoes, grated carrot, cucumber, onions, boiled eggs, and some kind of meat is never going to be as cheap as a jacket potato with cheese and beans.  That plate of lovely fresh steamed veggies with a nice piece of steak, or a pork chop, or chicken…same thing.  Bacon and egg for breakfast….well you get the picture.

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Blogging Therapy…

I keep trying to write a post.  This is my third attempt –  two in the trash so far – probably another one to follow it.

I’ve something I want to write about  – an almost cathartic need…I start but then get all tied up in my head and find it hard to actually make any sense.  And if I do manage to ‘get it all out’, will I be brave enough to click the ‘Publish’ button – putting some of this down on ‘virtual paper’ – and sharing it – isn’t comfortable – or easy.  I honestly think it’s better out than in though…

Oh well…here goes…

I’m seriously fed up of not being able to find work.  My last job finished at the end of July last year, and I’m getting absolutely nowhere.  I didn’t choose to stop working – I’m not starting a family or retiring.

We need me to work.  We need the money I bring in. I’ve got to find work.  Our blessing at the moment is Mike’s current contract which is covering all our outgoings.

A little voice inside my head keeps wittering on at me – I’ve spent over 20 years of my working life wishing I didn’t have to or need to work.  I’d tell myself if I wasn’t working I’d have time to do things I never had time or energy to do.  Keep the house looking nice – you know, dust…vacuum all those Read the rest of this entry »