Oy! WordPress…WTF???

Ok – I’m seriously unhappy with WordPress.com… 😦

For more than 3 days now I haven’t been able to navigate to posts published by blogs I follow by any of the ‘reader’ functionality/links on the WordPress.com site either via the Banner linked tabs across the top or by hovering over the ‘W’ icon in the top left of the page – in fact NONE of the sub-menu options under Reader goes anywhere – at all….  Hubby can’t see all the blogs he follows either (he sees one –  which is one more than I do….but that’s it)  I’ve happily been using Chrome for a while without a problem….!  What on EARTH is going on?????

Oh, and I can only get one and half pages of Freshly Pressed – the ‘earlier’ button does absolutely sod all…nada…nix.  Has my account got corrupted?   He can load a second half-full page of more FP’s but then half’s empty like mine  – but his ‘earlier’ button works…reloading half a page…

Maybe this explain why my blog’s not getting many new hits / new visitors – or are my posts just plain boring?  (Not sure I want an answer to that one actually…)

So right now guys, unless I get an email from your blog when you post, (and to be honest I turned several off a month or so ago, just trusting I could go to the Reader whenever I had time rather than my mailbox getting inundated…) I can’t get read your posts which is a real bummer!   Getting quite pee’d off now…

WordPress – please get your act together and sort this out – you may well have put some new stuff out there that appears to be setting the blogging world on fire, but get the basics working again will you please – or I just may have to go to another blogging host…

Or is it just me?  Is anyone else having problems with this?  I’ve tweeted several times to @wordpressdotcom and getting no response – from them or anyone who follows them… Looks like I might have to email Support about it…joy…trying to describe THAT should be interesting…via email…back and forth… (sigh)