Holy Cow…!

Hey guys – long time no speak (ok ,waffle) from me…

It’s been over six months since I last posted – 24th June 2012 to be exact…This is my first blog of 2013 and it’s almost March…!

2012 was one heck of a year though!  I feel a tad guilty about not writing anything in/about the other half of it…!

Our personal pièce de résistance was our Silver Wedding Anniversary celebrated with lots of wonderful cava during our absolutely excellent fortnight in Barcelona; the country’s pièce de résistance was our amazing hosting of the London 2012 Olympics (even we were rooting for Team GB and are immensely proud of them! 🙂 ); November saw the rather fantastic Skyfall hit the cinemas, and let’s not forget Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee!  (There’s a Daniel Craig tie-in somewhere in there… :))

We booked a holiday to the Maldives for 2013 and then came to our senses, cancelling it and instead having another festive December break in NYC which left a much smaller hole in our bank balance 🙂

Christmas and New Year’s Eve were a bit of a soggy pudding however – we both got a variety of viruses so were pretty much ill for around 5 weeks- boooooooo!!!!

Oh and we’ve fallen off the sensible-eating, no (tummy) pain, no (weight) gain wagon BIG TIME…(don’t ask…)

Here we are now though,  Valentine’s Day has come and gone, along with a variety of rain, snow and gales, but we’re starting to see glimmers of spring everywhere – Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early one and who are we to argue with the world-famous weather-predicting groundhog!

  • February 21st sees us at the O2 Leeds watching one of our favourite bands Train in concert…
  • The end of February (if not before…) sees us climbing BACK on the sensible-eating wagon BIG TIME…
  • March will hopefully see me & Mikey on our first trip of the year to the seaside sometime around his birthday – fish and chips in Whitby maybe, or an early breakfast in one of the fab little seaside cafes overlooking Scarborough Harbour, with a yomp hither and thither whichever location we end up at…!
  • March also sees us in the audience of Agatha Christie’s ‘The Mousetrap’ in its first national tour – we saw it in London and look forwards to seeing it in our home town! (By the way, the butler did it…only kidding 🙂 )
  • April sees me and Big Sis off on a short trip to one of her favourite cities, Paris – I’ve never been and she’s itching to show me around 🙂 …
  • June sees us in the Big Smoke for another Springsteen concert with our good ‘Tramp’ friends, Mike & Jayne at Wembley Stadium…
  • And at the end of August, we’re back in the Big Apple hoping to go on the Great Scrapple Hunt in the wilds of Philadelphia with our other good friends, Joe and Anna.

Sounds like I might have a few things to blog about if I actually pull my finger out!  😉

See ya!

Our First Springsteen Gig…!

So, last Friday, Mike and I went to our first Bruce Springsteen concert at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester – home of Manchester City FC.

We’d decided to spend the day pottering around Manchester prior to the concert – we’d not been there for years and thought it would be good idea but ended up very VERY wet – it absolutely threw it down ALL DAY.   The only time we got remotely close to dry was when we went to a great Spanish restaurant called Evuna on Deansgate…but I digress.

Our friends – Mike and Jayne – are HUGE Springsteen fans – definite ‘Tramps’… Jayne has a weekly blog ‘I’d Rather Be At A Springsteen Gig’ that’s definitely worth checking out.

Hardcore ‘Tramps’ waiting for The Boss 🙂

They’ve seen him in places all over the world – New York, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona…usually at back to back concerts in the same location and even then, feel like they could have gone to just one more gig or heard one more song…you get the idea 🙂  When the new tour dates came out, and Manchester was on the list, they suggested our going to see him with them.

Thanks to Mike and Jayne we’ve been able to listen to quite a few of his albums most recently Wrecking Ball.   Now to be honest, I wasn’t that keen on Wrecking Ball.  My first couple of listens to ‘We Take Care of Our Own’ irritated me actually, and my first full Read the rest of this entry »