I just can’t resist tinkering with this blog site… Widgets, Categories, Pages, Tags, Menus, Custom Menus… It calls to me…

Fiddling, ‘faffing’, tweaking, moving stuff around, trying to make it nice to navigate around – getting the look and feel right…I have all this ‘stuff’ in my head desperately trying to get out onto this ‘virtual paper’…

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Drumroll please…!


Welcome to my ‘new and improved’ blog!

Thanks to the wonders of WordPress and their brilliant free templates, a great deal of the work was already done for me – all I had to do was choose the one that best fitted what I wanted this blog to look and feel like.

Of course before I could do that, I had to think of a name – which isn’t as easy as it sounds.

As you can see, I ended up with ‘101 Uses Of A Fork’ – no, it has nothing to do with forks (or their uses).  It feels ‘catchy’ though.  I decided to go for it as a wordpress.com address (101usesofafork.wordpress.com) and may even decide to buy a domain for it.  I’m not sure whether to go .me or .com yet – possibly the former.

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