Our First Springsteen Gig…!

So, last Friday, Mike and I went to our first Bruce Springsteen concert at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester – home of Manchester City FC.

We’d decided to spend the day pottering around Manchester prior to the concert – we’d not been there for years and thought it would be good idea but ended up very VERY wet – it absolutely threw it down ALL DAY.   The only time we got remotely close to dry was when we went to a great Spanish restaurant called Evuna on Deansgate…but I digress.

Our friends – Mike and Jayne – are HUGE Springsteen fans – definite ‘Tramps’… Jayne has a weekly blog ‘I’d Rather Be At A Springsteen Gig’ that’s definitely worth checking out.

Hardcore ‘Tramps’ waiting for The Boss 🙂

They’ve seen him in places all over the world – New York, Dublin, Paris, Barcelona…usually at back to back concerts in the same location and even then, feel like they could have gone to just one more gig or heard one more song…you get the idea 🙂  When the new tour dates came out, and Manchester was on the list, they suggested our going to see him with them.

Thanks to Mike and Jayne we’ve been able to listen to quite a few of his albums most recently Wrecking Ball.   Now to be honest, I wasn’t that keen on Wrecking Ball.  My first couple of listens to ‘We Take Care of Our Own’ irritated me actually, and my first full Read the rest of this entry »